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LGBT Events in Montréal

© André Bilodeau - Montréal Pride

Montréal LGBT events are world-renowned crowd pleasers that draw visitors like moths to a flame – and for good reason. After all, they’re superbly carefree, merry, effervescent, vibrant, and well…GAY in its finest sense!

Creative and welcoming, Montréal’s LGBT community is associated the world over with its outstanding events, all night extravaganzas and parade spectaculars. Case in point: Montréal’s Black & Blue and Pride ranked among the Top 10 Gay Events of 2012 according to

As if the Village wasn’t a fantastic playground already, it gets even better when Aires Libres settles in: for 124 summer days, Sainte-Catherine Street East between Amherst and Papineau is closed to traffic, resulting in a fabulously stylish and safe pedestrian zone for all to enjoy.

In this City of Design, innovation permeates through all domains, culture included. Dance, theatre, music, film, fashion – you name it, Montréal’s cultural events regularly push convention and explore new trends. And by doing so, international stars can’t resist, which in turn makes for dazzlingly festivals that unite and inspire. Anyone who’s ever been to a Montréal festival will tell you that once you’ve experienced an event the Montréal way, you’ll be clamouring for your next festival fix!

À bientôt!