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Black & Blue Festival

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September 13, 2010 – While the theme this year is still a secret, the age is not: the Black & Blue Festival proudly celebrates 20 years of turning on its legendary high-wattage fun this fall from October 6 to 12. Hotly anticipated by gay and straight communities alike, this week-long, party-packed event rolls out its awesome program in venues city-wide.

For the occasion, close to 70,000 jet-setters from around the globe will be meeting up in Montréal to take part in the fest's nearly non-stop line-up of cocktail evenings, concerts, shows, all-night dance parties, brunches and the Big Jump volleyball tournament.

The party hits fever pitch with the dance-your-pants-off Black & Blue at the Palais des congrès. To keep up with its massive following, the party will occupy two rooms of the Palais this year, with a roster of international DJs ready to rock the house late and long. Festivities kick off the evening of Sunday, October 10, and keep pulsing until noon the next day, with OJ and brunch served to replenish everyone’s energy.

With the Jock Ball, the Leather Ball, the Military Ball, the Recovery Party and more than 60 cultural, artistic and sports activities lined up, this major Montréal fest proves why it's got a global following.

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