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Mad Maus


April 19, 2010 - If your childhood didn’t include the coveted trip to Disneyland to see Mickey, don’t despair. Every third Saturday of every month, Velvet in Old Montréal offers you the chance to experience the Soirées Mad Maus, a very grown-up celebration involving mouse ears.

With a roster of world-class DJs manning the tables, a dress code that’s uncompromisingly chic and a film-/photo-studio setting, the Soirées Mad Maus promises to be anything but mousy. On the contrary, it’s a fearless foray into fashion, design and art, and it welcomes style creators, trend-setters and the fiercest fashionistas to don their best mouse ears for the occasion.

Mouse ears? Yes, but not any old mouse ears. Mouse ears with magnetism, mouse ears with something to say. Drawing inspiration from Bauhaus, Dadaism, cartoons from the Great Depression and, especially, the famous mice from the Van Beuren animation studios, the Soirées Mad Maus invites guests to reinterpret Hollywood iconography and the 1920s aesthetic, and explore American pop culture’s darker side.

For the organizers, this pairing of haute couture and pop culture is their way of bringing a little levity to the fashion world while adding a splash of panache to our daily routines. The dress code is described as “auteur” fashion, so come prepared to assume your style authentically and wear your ears boldly.

There’s an exciting roster of guest artists and performers lined up, and at a cost of $10 per person, it’s enough to make Mickey (and Minnie) green with envy.

Mad Maus