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Published on November 2, 2009 – Here in Montreal you’ll find a number of publications written by and for the local LGBT community, which can be a great help when you’re trying to find the best gay-friendly restaurants, clubs and shops during a visit to the city. The monthly Fugues is the best-known and most read LGBT publication in the city, and can be picked up for free in many establishments in the Gay Village. While most of the magazine is written in French, all of the club listings and a few articles are also published in English.

2Be magazine is another popular monthly, but this one is written exclusively in English and can also be found in clubs and restaurants in the Village. Both of these magazines tend to focus on the men’s scene, but there is also a publication just for lesbians called Femmes Entre Elles. This magazine is printed six times a year and is written only in French.  Even if you don’t speak the language, the advertisements can still be a great help to figure out the latest spots of interest to lesbians.  Entre Elles is available in a few places in the Village, but you can always find it at the local women’s bar, Le Drugstore.