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Montréal’s Fabulous Gay Village

© Carl Éthier - Terrace / Le Village

One of the largest in the world, Montréal’s Gay Village is a spectacular nucleus of creativity, activity and diversity. Here we find cafés, boutiques, antique shops and restaurants for all tastes nestled beside cozy B&Bs housed in century-old triplexes; vibrant artistic talent showcased in a variety of ways; and all this, enveloped in a laid-back, open urban vibe where pretty much anything goes.

With Sainte-Catherine Street as its main artery, The Village extends from east to west around the Beaudry metro station (that proudly flaunts LGBT rainbow colours). This main drag is closed to vehicles from beginning of May to end of September, creating a sublime summertime pedestrian zone ripe with patios, sidewalk shops, art displays and a seemingly never-ending parade of street fashion under a striking sky of pink balls. The street features specialty boutiques, a variety of bars and many restaurants representing multiple cuisines.

And, of course, there’s the Village by night, when all come out to play. But that’s for you to discover!