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Published on May 25, 2009 - Where’s a lad to go for clothes that keep his duff and other stuff looking their very best? Well, we did some investigating, and a trip to Priape fits the bill. A bastion of the Village, this popular boutique specializes in all manner of clothing and accessories catering to gay men. So if you’ve been working out all winter long, give your buns of steel their hard-earned recognition with the apparel offered here.

Priape, in fact, offers more than just great-looking boxers and briefs. It also stocks DVDs, chic and sexy clothing, leather and toys, magazines, books, cards and calendars…  you name it, they have it. Everything. And le tout is provided in a laid-back environment whose helpful and professional staff go out of their way to prevent you from feeling like a tomato-faced, stuttering newbie.

Since 1974, this sex shop has continued to be the go-to spot for all manner of erotica for untold Montrealers and visitors. Over the years, the store has also remained actively involved in Montréal’s gay community and plans to fete its 35th anniversary this fall with a line-up of special events. Check out their Web site for all the details.

And now for a mini history capsule: did you know that, according to Greek legend, Priape was the son of Aphrodite, fathered by Dionysus, who was revered for his impressive… manly parts? (Gee, the things they never teach us in school…)