KOKO restaurant + bar


May 10, 2012 Yes, M is renowned for its gastronomy, but when this is mixed with a refined atmosphere and a spectacular setting, like at Koko Restaurant + Bar, everyone in the city is eager to get out and take part in a truly urban and trendy exper

Here, market fresh cuisine carries its bold flavours enhanced in new groupings, such as ribs braised in red wine accompanied by truffle gnocchi, and pumpkin ravioli with chestnut butter, sage, and ricotta. Meanwhile, the wine list takes you on a journey across five continents, and cocktails rival the most enchanting of n


Just as the menu impresses with balance and freshness, the interior sets the tone with frescoes overlooking the spectacular brilliance of the Grand Salon, and sumptuous black velvet draping the more intimate Petit Salon. Outdoors, the large patio welcomes relaxed drinks and good company, day and night.