Le Saloon


While the term ‘saloon’ may conjure up notions of the Wild West, player pianos and sarsaparilla, Montréal’s version is ultimately more hip: keep the Wild, but replace West with East-End; substitute player pianos with the hottest DJs in town; and switch the sarsaparilla for martinis and you’ve got Le Saloon, a Montréal institution for drinks and dining.

Over the last 15 years, Le Saloon in the Village has served over 3.2 million martinis and is still going strong! Libations the likes of French Kiss – Absolut Vodka, raspberry purée, rose syrup and sparkling wine – comprise the long list of over 40 funky concoctions available.

Likewise, the menu is extensive, varied and changes often. The Saloon cuisine features Asian flavours with a Latin accent; from steak to pizza to salad to weekend breakfast, the portions are generous and the taste is divine. Word on the street is that the Saloon Burger can’t be beat, with sautéed mushrooms, cream cheese, walnuts and green onion.

Buzzing every night of the week, there’s no room for tumbleweeds here! In fact, it gets so hopping on Friday and Saturday nights with the pre-clubbing crowd that you may even want to enjoy a late lunch so that you may enjoy a drink without having to wait. Plus, that’ll give you more time to enjoy the DJ du jour spinning their house, electro and lounge beats nightly.

While the odd cowboy might saunter into Le Saloon, the clientele is generally more chic. But then again, you could never know! Giddy up, partner!