Montréal Chic

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In a city with an inherent duality, you might say that Montréal chic is all about careful combinations – trends, inspirations, old and new – and attitude. Upscale Montréal is characterized by a certain casual elegance, a luxuriously free-spirited approach to the better things in life – in short, an innate sense of chic that can’t really be explained, but you know it when you see it!

Montréal creativity is showcased by our designers: from clothing to accessories to jewellery to tableware to decorative objects, unique is the word. And that goes to how we do things, too.  From the customary two-cheek kiss to our innate flair, we do things our own way, à la Montréal.

Outstanding local designers have catapulted Montréal into the fashion stratosphere; veteran and emerging designers share a highly-original approach to creation, with stunning results. Find fabulous fashion with The Montréal Fashion Map: an interactive map that pinpoints boutiques, it also offers itineraries to help you discover your next fav designer.

True beauty comes from within, and there’s no better way to let it shine than with unique spa treatments in an urban oasis! Scandinavian baths, hammam, full body treatments and more are available in the city’s many exemplary spas, found in boutique hotels, in the middle of nature and even on the water.

An eclectic mix of international influences and steadfast traditions drive Montréal gastronomy, where refined flavours are enhanced by the raw talent of local chefs and fresh, seasonal produce. What’s more, our chefs are recognized for their creativity with international awards and Grand Chefs Relais & Chateaux or 4-Diamond CAA-AAA accreditation.

A Chic Suggestion
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