Montréal on the Fashion Map

© Sensation Mode, Allen McEachern - Montréal Fashion Week© Chantal Lévesque - Montréal Fashion Week© Agnieszka S. - Montréal Fashion Week
© Henriette L. - Henriette L.

© Sensation Mode, Allen McEachern - Montréal Fashion Week

December 20, 2013 – There you are, wandering the stylish streets of Montréal, but you just can’t find the designer that you seek! Quelle horreur! Don’t despair – the Montréal Fashion Map is here, ready to direct you to all the chic hotspots like nothing else can! Complete with visual references showing the designer’s name, boutique sign, façade or facility, as well as the scoop on the designer, this little indispensable tool will guide you like a personalized fashion GPS!

Unique in Canada, this user-friendly, semi-interactive map enables users to locate fashion designers geographically in Montréal with a mere click of a mouse. The Fashion Map denotes the dynamism, diversity and above all, the significance of fashion in Montréal.

What’s more, the Map even offers different thematic routes– think of them like yellow brick roads that lead you to the style you seek– that deftly showcase the incredible talent and creativity of Quebec’s fashion industry.