The new Hotel ALT Montréal Griffintown

© ALT Griffintown - Germain - ALT Hotel Montréal Griffintown© ALT Griffintown - Germain - ALT Hotel Montréal Griffintown© Anthoni Rosa - Griffintown
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© ALT Griffintown - Germain - ALT Hotel Montréal Griffintown

April 11, 2014 — A brand new boutique hotel has opened up in one of Montréal’s hottest and most historic neighbourhoods: the Hotel ALT Montréal Griffintown. Located on the corner of Peel and Wellington Streets, the ALT is ideally situated to access both the downtown core and Old Montréal, and offers spectacular vantages of the city skyline, especially from its 800 square foot outdoor terrace.

Now don’t expect room service, valets or doormen: the Hotel ALT is all about the essentials…as upscale as they may be: Egyptian cotton sheets, goose down duvets, spa-style bathrooms in every room, modern décor featuring works by local artists, a fully-equipped fitness centre, multi-plug connectivity and complimentary Wi-Fi access.

With 154 rooms across 18 floors bathed in natural light, the Hotel ALT Montréal Griffintown showcases a brand new construction concept that deftly combines contemporary and heritage architecture. In fact, the bricks used in its construction were recycled from historic buildings in the surrounding neighbourhood and the hotel was built using energy efficient techniques.

Another outstanding feature of this exclusive boutique hotel is its guaranteed rate: no matter the season, the room price stays the same. And if you don’t want your stay to end, you can pick up pieces from the ALT collection to take home, such as bedding, pillows, duvets and even mattresses.

Bon voyage!

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