March 6, 2012 – Whether you need to unwind, recharge your batteries or beat your stress, Ovarium is the place to go. Given its almost 30 years in business, you are sure to find expert assistance in achieving your goal.

A member of the group Spas Relais santé, Ovarium is justly famed for its floatation baths. In addition to providing an unparalleled overall sensation of well-being, their proven, long-lasting benefits include: deep relaxation, regulation of sleep patterns, improved emotional control as well as increased concentration and creative energy. As for its massage therapy services, Ovarium combines a number of different techniques to meet each client’s specific individual needs. All of its certified massage therapists have been chosen as much for their commitment to massage therapy as for their versatility, and the personal touch they bring to their training and experience.

Anyone interested in new relaxation experiences should try out the Pulsar or neuro-massage bed. A Pulsar session combines flickering lights and rhythmic sounds from LED goggles and stereo headphones. These act on your brainwaves to promote meditation, deep relaxation, creativity and intuition. The neuro-massage bed, exclusive to Ovarium, induces a synchronized set of stimuli that, combined with soothing music, provides a long-lasting sensation of peace and well-being.

Ovarium offers the kind of relaxation you will want to take advantage of again and again.