The Ritz-Carlton Montréal reopens in style


February 10, 2012 – Following more than three years of extensive renovations, the doors to Montréal’s Ritz-Carlton will re-open to the public in April 2012. Still widely known as the “Grande Dame of Sherbrooke Street”, the Ritz is set to reclaim its place as the city’s most prestigious and elegant address.

The renovated hotel-complex, which now includes almost 50 private luxury residences, features 130 completely redesigned rooms and suites. The remodelled hotel retains many of its signature features (the famous duck pond in the garden remains!), while adding all the modern amenities. In what seems like the perfect marriage of two names synonymous with sophistication, refinement and class, Tiffany & Co. will occupy some 2,000 square feet within the historic building. For this iconic jeweller, this location will represent the first free-standing Tiffany & Co. in Montréal.

Perhaps the biggest and brightest jewel in the Ritz-Carlton’s new crown, however, is its new restaurant, Maison Boulud. Bearing the name of Daniel Boulud, the star French chef whose fine dining establishments in New York, London, Beijing, Singapore and other leading cities have earned him some of the industry’s greatest honours, the restaurant promises to add flavour to Montréal’s already rich culinary culture. The restaurant’s design and operations will reflect Boulud’s distinctive touch, and its menu will showcase the chef’s French culinary roots and feature locally grown and raised fare.

Having hosted its first guests in 1912, the Ritz-Carlton has been a Montréal home to some of this century’s most famous and influential figures, including the Queen Mother, Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle, Richard Nixon, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the Rolling Stones, as well as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, who celebrated their first marriage at the hotel. Scheduled to re-open just in time for its centennial, the Ritz is poised for another century of putting guests in the lap of luxury.