Pedestrian streets in Montréal in the summer

© Michel Turcotte - Place Jacques-Cartier and City Hall© Nancy Falso - Street scene© Timothy Johns - Saint-Paul Street
© Montréal Museum of Fine Arts - Montréal Museum of Fine Arts / Jardins des sculptures© Carl Éthier - Aires Libres© Tourisme Montréal, Mario Melillo - Prince-Arthur Street and Square Saint-Louis
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© Michel Turcotte - Place Jacques-Cartier and City Hall

April 25, 2014 — Montréal is one of the most pedestrian-friendly cities in the world, and summer, in particular, is when l’art de flâner (the art of the leisurely stroll) graces the many car-free zones of the city.

Sainte-Catherine Street East in the Village
Aires Libres, Montréal’s eco-artistic happening of the year, is a pedestrian haven on Sainte-Catherine Street East in the Village (between Berri and Papineau) complete with art installations, street performers, and patios as far as the eye can see.

Saint-Paul Street East in Old Montréal
Saint-Paul Street East in Old Montréal (between Marché Bonsecours Street and Saint-Laurent Boulevard) is, for the most part, sans automobile (motorized vehicles are permitted only between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.) from May to late September. Specialty boutiques, art galleries, cafés, and restaurants line this charming cobblestone thoroughfare.

Place Jacques-Cartier in Old Montréal
The gentle slope down from the Nelson monument affords a superb view of the Old Port. Place Jacques-Cartier is a major gathering place and entertainment site in Old Montréal. It draws passers-by and visitors who enjoy street artists, roving entertainers, face painters and caricaturists.

Get a feel for Chinatown on Clark Street between René-Lévesque Boulevard and Viger Street, and at De La Gauchetière Steet—the district’s permanent pedestrian artery—to check out authentic shops, street merchants, and eateries.

Prince-Arthur Street in Plateau Mont-Royal
The party frequently spills out onto Prince-Arthur Street, a Montréal favourite with its vast selection of bars, bistros, terraces, and musicians.

Victoria Street
Downtown, the McCord Museum takes over Victoria Street from June to October. Natural trees, a piano, giant swing, football table, picnic area, musical offerings, and a brand new program of entertainment combine to offer passers-by an environment like no other.

Du Musée Avenue – Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
To the delight of passers-by, part of Du Musée Avenue (nearby the Museum of Fine Arts) has been transformed into a pedestrian mall until October. Twenty-two works by Québec, Canadian, and international artists can be admired.

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BS! Posted by A Montealer  | July 5, 2012
Total BS If the streets are not pedestrian reserved/ closed to card then you are at risk of getting hit even if you have right of way! I'm in constat battle with these ass holes that gun for you the second you try to cross, again, even if you have right of way. The cops don't care. an ass hole did to yied. just behind him there was a cop parked. I ran to the cop and asked did you not see what just happend.. she answered non chalan... non. You mean you did not see the guy almost ran me over, again she said no. I told her open your fucken eyes next time and walk away! Yes I said fucken! Montreal drivers an even cops dont give a fuck about pedestrians!
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