The PHI Centre

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January 31, 2012 –The result of incorporating two historic buildings at the corner of Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul Streets, the PHI Centre will be a veritable headquarters for a creative team comprising established and up-and-coming artists from various disciplines: film, design, fashion, photography, illustration, and interactive Web development. It will also be the latest project from philanthropist Phoebe Greenberg, founder and director of DHC/ Foundation for Contemporary Art.

Although Ms. Greenberg is generally well- known as a patron, she is also a graduate of the École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Today, although she has moved away somewhat from creative production, she continues to be passionate about art, devoting her time to promoting the works of other artists.

More than just a site for creation and dissemination, the PHI will also serve as a laboratory for the performing arts, projections, exhibitions, installations, presentations, and electronic media technology. The four-story complex will consist of a multidisciplinary arts and cultural complex that will promote the shared investigation of sound, image, and design, and will include production/post-production facilities for film, video, and audio, as well as a space reserved for live performances.

And that's not all! Gastronomy will also be among the disciplines explored at the PHI Centre. An in-house restaurant will offer a creative menu with items made from local products.