Cutting edge Montréal

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Montréal is an internationally-recognized hotbed of innovation and originality, home to a long list of leading artists in a variety of disciplines. So basically, “limits” aren’t really part of Montréal’s vernacular. Unless, of course, it is in reference to pushing them.

Cutting-edge talent
Montréal isn’t just known for pushing the limits of innovation and creativity in one area, but in several. It is an international destination that welcomes shows and produces many leading artists in a variety of creative milieus ranging from digital, visual and performing arts to design and emerging music. What’s more, the city’s diverse cosmopolitan vibe pervades throughout the many festivals and cultural happenings that occur across the island, indoors and out, all year long.

Cutting-edge neighbourhoods
Creativity really does run rampant in Montréal. So much so, in fact, that not just one, but several Montréal neighbourhoods have established themselves as artistic and creative hubs, each one distinguished by its unique character. This is especially true for Old Montréal, Plateau Mont-Royal and Mile End, newly recognized as the centre of the independent Anglophone music scene. And let’s not forget the Quartier des Spectacles, where no fewer than 80 venues can be found, including more than 30 theatres and 28,000 seats—all within a single square kilometre, ready and waiting to present mind-blowing and insightful work!

Cutting-edge city
Montréal is heralded as a cultural Mecca, no doubt owing to its bilingual culture, unique heritage and distinctive lifestyle that lends oh-so naturally to cutting-edge creativity. It’s a way for the city and its inhabitants to express their individuality and to push boundaries on a global scale. And push we do – in the arts, in special events, in performance and beyond, resulting in cultural creations renowned as much for their originality and innovation as for their modernity.

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