Nordic Terrace at the SAT Foodlab


January 31, 2014 — Enjoy and share another unique Montréal moment (#MtlMoment) at the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT): the Foodlab’s rooftop Nordic Terrace, complete with fur-covered seats, Nordic cuisine and wintry libations to warm your very soul…all under a yurt uniquely designed to bring out the very best of winter!

A yurt, you ask? A yurt is a circular, domed, portable tent used by nomadic peoples of central Asia. Here in Montréal, the SAT Foodlab Nordic Terrace yurt houses a cozy Nordic-themed environment where digital culture meets nomadic tradition.

Featuring low tables and long benches laden with pillows and fur, the heated yurt features traditional decorative patterns on its central columns and a Nordic-inspired menu created by chefs Michelle Marek and Seth Gabrielse. It’s an ideal spot to feast upon platters of smoked fish, cheese and dried meat, mulled wine or grog in hand.  Until March 2, that is, when in typical nomadic fashion, it’ll be time to move on.