Montréal, Fur Capital

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February 2, 2012 – Montréal is at the very apex of tradition, creativity and eco-consciousness when it comes to fur fashion. This isn’t surprising, given Montréal’s renowned style, creativity, avant-garde designers and centuries-old position as Canada’s fur capital. In fact, more than 90% of the national production comes from our city.

Montréal’s fur industry is a dynamic and vital hotbed of fur fashion where you’ll find the hottest (pardon the puns) and innovative designs on the market. The Fur District is located at the corner of Mayor and St. Alexander Streets; however, many designers have since set up shop on Chabanel. Some manufacturers have their own boutique and sell tailor-made items at reasonable prices. In Montréal, there is no stigma attached to incorporating fur into one’s wardrobe, especially considering its warmth factor in our cold climate. So we flaunt it with a toasty, stylish flair!

Still not sold on sporting a pelt? What if it was “green”? Internationally-renowned designer, Mariouche Gagné, artfully reworks “used” fur into her fabulous Harricana designer line, made exclusively from recycled fur. In following her motto, “Made from my Mother’s coat”, she has contributed largely to Montréal’s luxurious winter-chic style.

Of course, any foray into the world of fur demands a visit to the oldest corporation in Canada: The Hudson’s Bay Company, or simply The Bay, at the heart of downtown. The 3rd floor Fur Salon houses an extensive assortment of high-end designer furs, including Louis Féraud, Givenchy, Black Diamond Mink, and Grosvenor. Ride the escalator up to the 5th floor to enjoy an exhibition outlining the history of the fur trade. 

If your curiosity has been piqued, then it’s off to The Fur Trade at Lachine National Historic Site for you!  Relive the raucous adventure of the Montréal fur trade in the 18th and early 19th centuries: explore this old stone warehouse dating back to 1803 filled with items such as fur bales, pelts and bins of provisions, during a guided tour or at your own pace, and partake in the many interactive activities and audio-visual presentations available.

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get informed Posted by maria   | July 31, 2012
I completely agree with the guy below. Fur is green and Montreal's fur trade is something to be very proud of. Fur has always played an important role in the humans’ way of life; keeping us warm (especially in a country like Canada). It is true that now a day we have discovered new synthetic materials that could do the job... for a little while, until we have to throw out the plastic coat after a couple of years and let it sit in a garbage dump for millions of years so it can slowly decompose and contaminate the soils. So who’s doing more damage here? The small number of companies that only use part of what nature produces each year without depleting wildlife populations or damage the natural habitats that sustain them to create a practical and beautiful coat? OR The big companies that prone globalization by building polluting factories in third world countries in order to create a coat with synthetic fur for those who haven’t done their research. Please inform yourselves about fur before agreeing with Pamela Anderson. Your city is smarter than you think. And for those who use the excuse “animal cruelty”, just because you saw a video on youtube doesn’t mean you could go accuse the whole fur trade for animal cruelty. If you’re surrounded with leather couches or jackets and eat meat, you my friend are simply complying with your homo sapien characteristics. We are animals and we follow the food chain. For the vegetarians out there, I respect you. I don’t know how you do it. Just remember this; if you were born with an appendix, not only did your ancestors eat a lot of meat, they also ate it raw. for more info
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Fur is GREEN Posted by OZ  | May 20, 2011
Montreal is a city that takes pride in the fur industry which started 200 years ago. There is no shame in this. As for not coming to Canada because of "killing of seal pups", FYI most skins are now from China. Read up on this, gain some knowledge....
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