Aires Libres


April 4, 2014- What's pink, over a kilometer long, tastes great, has live music, no cars and lasts all summer long? Montréal’s very own Aires Libres—the Gay Village's summer love-in!

From the air, it's a ribbon of pink stretched 14 city blocks on Sainte-Catherine Street East, made fully pedestrian for the summer. From below, it's a colourful canopy of 200,000 pink resin balls that draw visitors through its nine sections, each with a different theme and pattern.

Les Boules Roses, by SDC du Village and Claude Cormier + Associés inc., won top honours at the Facteur D awards for Landscape Architecture and made a name around the world.

Back for another season under the big pink for 2014 will be the Gay Village's incredible offering of excellent restaurants with their al fresco terrasses, plus art exhibits, in situ creations, festivals of all kinds, bazaars, and outdoor films and performances. Most of all, Aires Libres is a place to stroll, see and be seen, feel the sunshine and hear the sounds and rhythms of this amazingly creative, all-inclusive, international city.