Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada

© Wri2 - Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada© Wri2 - Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada© Wri2 - Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada
© Octane Management - Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada
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© Wri2 - Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada

March 20, 2014 Start your engines and gear up for an exciting weekend of glitz, glamour and racing glory this coming June 6, 7 and 8 as Montréal hosts the Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada.

A brief foray into our F1 history

Montréal’s first taste of F1 fever came in 1978, when the very first championship was won by none other than Gilles Villeneuve, Québec's legendary driver. Originally known as the Île Notre-Dame Circuit, the track was renamed in his honour upon his untimely death during a practice run at the 1982 Belgian Grand Prix.

Racing celebrations that sweep the city

It's one thing when any major destination holds an F1 event. And it's entirely another when Montréal does it. Montréalers have never felt that a car race should be confined to the course, and with characteristic flamboyance and fun-loving flair, nearly everyone in the city seems to get in on the three heady days of car-racing good times.

Fans, start your engines!

Downtown Montréal’s Peel and Crescent Streets are where it’s at for off-track F1 festivities: city officials block off the two main streets and area to give the crowds room to soak up all of the excitement—and there's lots of that to go around. Pit stop competitions, open-air concerts, and spectacular displays of modified cars are just some of the street-side fun. 

Montréal's equally famous St. Laurent Boulevard, or "The Main" as locals call it, also rolls out the red carpet to F1 aficionados, turning this popular strip into a lavish outdoor bash that includes famous DJs, open-air dance floors and more.

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f1 mtl Posted by sbrissa  | March 24, 2009
uhhh, there is no more F1 race in montreal... sorry
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formula one Posted by joe gapé  | August 6, 2008
i hope i will some day see it alive, because i'm not in canada yet
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