MURAL festival: street art galore

© MURAL Festival, Daniel Esteban - MURAL Festival© MURAL Festival, Sean Vadaru - MURAL Festival© Daniel Esteban - Festival mural
© This Is Herd Production - Festival mural© This Is Herd Production - Festival mural© This Is Herd Production - Festival mural

© MURAL Festival, Daniel Esteban - MURAL Festival

April 11, 2015 Perfectly embodying Montréal's creativity, MURAL festival brings street art to the forefront with festive graffiti, painting and music. This international festival transforms the face of Saint-Laurent Boulevard into an open-air museum where you can admire the monumental murals created by local and international artists.

Twenty renowned artists bring color to Montréal's urban landscape during the third edition of the festival. From June 4 to 14, 2015, they will create twenty new murals before the eyes of passersby, which can then be observed throughout the year free of charge.

Most murals are located on Saint-Laurent Boulevard between Sherbrooke Street and Mont-Royal Avenue. Have a look at this map to see their exact location.

This year, the festival is enhancing its programming with live music to accompany the muralists at work. Honouring the festive reputation of Montreal, five block parties will bring some oomph to the already vibrant nightlife of the city.