The Igloofester's guide


December 20, 2013 — Winter in Montréal is full of surprises and one of them is undoubtedly Igloofest, the outdoor electronic music festival with high voltage energy that takes place during the coldest weekends of January and February, attracting several thousand fans from around the world. Imagine a playground for grownups on the Quays of the Old Port, with a slight frost in the air, electrifying light displays and music booming through the night. As a proper Igloofester, here are 5 golden rules to follow to fall in love with the Québec winter and its unique, icy events!

Keep it hot!

The most basic rule! Before you even set foot outside, stack on the layers, put on a lavish dose of socks and your warmest igloo-worthy boots. You will need them to keep up with the rhythm! Avoid moisture-retaining materials and protect your extremities: fingers and toes are the most vulnerable with temperatures dipping to around -25 degrees at times.

Poutine, your new best friend

For an evening, kindly forget your healthy habits and your fitness goals and honour the tried and true traditional Québec dish: poutine. Your body will thank you when the sub-zero temperature starts yanking your chain. You need to fuel up Montréal-style, that’s it that's all!

Break the code

Montreal is a free and open city. Now is the time to leave your traditional black or gray jacket at home and rock that hot pink onesie snowsuit, absurd hat, funky sunglasses and ninja gloves. After all, Igloofest is synonymous with originality, diversity and creativity. Release your inner artist!


Moving: your new religion

Needless to say that any prolonged immobility will slow down the blood circulating to your toes. The key is to move on and on, and let yourself flow to the rhythm of the music. If the -30 degrees get the best of you in spite of your stubborn will, igloos and campfires around the site will help you regain energy.

Warm up without hibernating

After dancing to your heart’s content, the Igloofester that you are can’t just go back into hibernation. The city is buzzing with cool bars only a few minutes away from the Old Port. Hang up your coat and show off your winning smile: with a good beer in hand and fresh anecdotes to share, you’re ready to mingle.

Igloofest, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from January 16 to February 8, 2014.