Daniel Boulud and the Ritz-Carlton: a union of good taste


March 15, 2012 – Inaugurated in 1912, the prestigious Ritz-Carlton hotel will be exactly 100 years old when it welcomes Chef Daniel Boulud and his all-new restaurant – La Maison Boulud – this spring. Thanks to a beauty treatment to the tune of no less than $150 million, the venerable establishment won’t even show a wrinkle and will retain its delightful Garden duck pond.

Fifty-six years young, Chef Daniel Boulud is already an internationally-renowned culinary giant with numerous honours and distinctions to his credit. Hailing from Lyon (France), this ingenious restaurateur is the Chef-Owner of six celebrated restaurants in New York, one of which boasts three Michelin stars, and his company manages large restaurants in the world’s most prominent cities, notably London, Singapore and Beijing.

Why Montréal? The answer is as much about a business opportunity as it is about a love affair with the city. Boulud presided over the MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE festival in 2007 and felt very much at home. In following the Montréal way of celebrating food on the daily basis, he sees his restaurant as being upscale – we are at the Ritz-Carlton, after all – yet casual; in other words, neither a neighbourhood bistro nor a posh restaurant, but a happy combination of the two. The menu is yet to be revealed, but we already know that the Chef will use as many local producers and purveyors as possible, and that wild game, pork, and even a hamburger will be on the menu (Chef promise!). One thing is for certain – whatever it is, it will be fabulous.