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© Restaurant Les Cavistes - Restaurant Les Cavistes© Restaurant Les Cavistes - Restaurant Les Cavistes© Restaurant Les Cavistes - Restaurant Les Cavistes
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© Restaurant Les Cavistes - Restaurant Les Cavistes

March 1, 2010 – The newest addition to Montréal’s growing grapevine of wine bars is Les Cavistes on sprightly St-Denis Street, and it has quickly succeeded in distinguishing itself with its three-pronged approach to wining and dining.

For one, Les Cavistes is part boutique, selling exclusive importations that you won’t be able to find at the SAQ (our state-owned liquor board). For two, it’s a wine bar-cum-restaurant, so you can sit down to a glass accompanied by appetizers or a full-course meal. And for three, it offers a take-out service, both of bottle and of dish, giving you the chance to prolong this unique experience.

The menu features French bistro cuisine infused with Québec’s home-grown flavours.  Choices range from tartare de boeuf et de cheval to foie gras poêlé et pudding chômeur to bavette de bison marinée with, of course, the classic bistro mainstay of frites et mayo.

As for your choice of vintages, owners Maude Théroux-Séguin and Robert Herrera, formerly of Holder, keep it accessible in terms of both price and discovery: no snooty sommeliers staring down their nose at you here. Instead, their knowledgeable staff will gently and expertly guide you to the wine that suits your meal and your palate.

Décor-wise, the restaurant harks back to the easy elegance of the 1950s, from the white-and-black tiled floors to the warm lighting to the light wood paneling, not to mention the 16-seat wine bar where you can sidle up for the sheer pleasure of enjoying a glass and the jolie ambiance around you. 

Les Cavistes

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