Montréal's classic French restaurants


February 21, 2012─ While Montréal is most definitely a modern and avant-garde city, its classic side, however, is still omnipresent, especially when it comes to gastronomy! It’s no secret that Montréal is renowned for its diverse culinary offering; Montréal restaurants are favourites among the most discerning gourmet palates the world over. And if you have a weakness for traditional French cuisine, then here are a few classic restos that you absolutely must try.

Chez Queux
In France, the‘grand queux’ was the King’s Chef. Indeed here, at Chez Queux, you will be treated like royalty and served French culinary classics in a historical – and extremely romantic- setting. Expect a regal dining experience of delicacy, distinction and elegance.

Restaurant Julien
Woodwork, wall hangings, soft light and fabulous windows bestow a warm décor and typically French ambiance. No need to utter the phrase, “bon appétit”: a wonderful meal of fine regional products prepared according to great culinary traditions is guaranteed.

If the Bonaparte family coat of arms only had two stars, this temple of fine cuisine can proudly boast four. And with good reason…from its modern décor stylishly set on stone walls to its cozy alcoves where the intimacy is as delicious as the dishes served, everything in this Old Montréal restaurant exudes refinement.

Chez la Mère Michel
She is not, as the nursery rhyme suggests, in search of her cat, but rather, of culinary excellence. Don’t let the simplicity of the restaurant’s name fool you – fine flavours ever so delicately intertwined explode from the plate to your palate in perfect French culinary tradition.