Sweet Montréal Dessert Hotspots

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© Les Glaceurs - Les Glaceurs

May 23, 2014 — Got a sweet craving? Read on!

If elegant French pastry is what you crave, Maison Christian Faure in Old Montréal is your destination. An upscale bakery/café on Place Royale, its elegant ambiance is ideal for savouring a bowl of café au lait and a buttery croissant.

If maple is your flavour, stop by Canadian Maple Delights for maple syrup-flavoured gelato or pastry. Extra bonus: this yummy bistro-boutique doubles as a maple museum.

If chocolate is in order, the Suite 88 chocolate lounge on the Plateau has solved the riddle of whether diamonds or chocolate are a girl’s best friend with unique and decadent cacao creations, displayed like the precious jewels they are.

If you need to cool off, don’t let the line up out the door dissuade you from the artisanal ice cream and sorbet goodness that is Bilboquet: chic and quirky at the same time, Bilboquet offers upscale flavour with an “ice-cream-shop-around-the-corner” flair.

Bon appétit!