Urban and eco transportation


July 11, 2012 ─ Thinking of renting a car when visiting Montréal? You might want to consider one of these alternative and highly efficient ways of getting around this eco-conscious city. Not only will you save valuable time and money, you’ll also be saving the very environment you’re visiting. Montréal gives you the green light with these greener options.

Cycle chic
You’ve probably heard that Montréal has some rather stylish citizens, but you may not know that they are also quite eco-responsible. On our hundreds of kilometres of bike paths, during the better part of the year, you will spot all types of Montrealers on their bicycles or BIXIs (BIXI is the public bicycle-sharing system), either heading to work or simply cycling for pleasure. Since Montréal is known as one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world, as a tourist it’s easy to adopt this way of getting around. BIXI bikes are readily available on nearly every street corner and only require a credit card for access. For longer trips, a rental bike is preferable. Companies such as Fitz & Follwell, My bicyclette and Montréal On Wheels offer interesting bike rental packages. Whichever cycling option you choose, you’ll immediately benefit from the freedom, fitness and exhilaration acquired by hopping on a bike in Montréal.

Montréal is taking carpooling to the next level with the introduction of a taxi-sharing service this summer. Earth Day Québec’s taxi-sharing project, entitled Every Day, is the first of its kind in Canada and will be accessible on the Web and on smartphones. With Every Day, the next time you hail a cab you’ll not only be saving money, you’ll also be helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This greener way of cabbing it will enable you to travel with up to three other taxi-sharing passengers, depending on the specific departure and arrival points of each passenger. If you’re travelling on your own while you’re visiting, get friendly with others by being eco-friendly.

Craving vitamins? Hail a fruit taxi!
Save the planet without putting on those extra holiday pounds. Fruixi is a new pilot project you’ll discover on Montréal’s street corners, at festivals and in parks. The city is famous for its fresh fruit and vegetable markets, and now the markets are cycling to you with these mini-markets-on-a-bike. Get a taste of fresh local produce from a vendor selling everything from sweet strawberries to crunchy garden carrots rather than stopping for a hot dog or an ice cream. Not only is the rolling fruit stand a sustainable alternative, it’s also socially responsible since it offers first-time job experience to locals. Promoting better eating habits by providing healthy fast-food alternatives, Fruixi is the new flavour on the block. 

When visiting Montréal, may your only driving force be the one that steers you to a cleaner, healthier way of travel.