10 alternative party places in Montréal

© Tourisme Montréal, Mario Melillo - Crescent Street© Tourisme Montréal, Mario Melillo - Saint-Denis Street – from Viger Square to Saint-Louis Square / © Nancy Falso - Place des Festivals
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© Tourisme Montréal, Mario Melillo - Crescent Street

May 19, 2014 While much of Montréal’s gay scene takes place in the Village, there’s a whole alternative queer scene scattered throughout downtown, the Plateau, Old Port, and the Mile End.

1. Café Cleopatra (1230 Saint-Laurent Boulevard)

An iconic venue in what used to be the Red Light District. Queer burlesque troops like Glam Gam take the stage and strip down in usually whacky but definitely sexy routines.

2. The Wiggle Room (3874 Saint-Laurent Boulevard)

Located across from Schwartz’s on Saint-Laurent, The Wiggle Room is one of the city’s premiere burlesque destinations with variety shows six nights a week.

3. Cabaret Playhouse (5656 Parc Avenue)

This venue in the Mile End hosts a slew of different theme parties and shows every week. If you don’t mind getting really sweaty at a Beyonce-themed party—all Bey all night—then Cabaret Playhouse is definitely a must visit.

4. Le Belmont (4483 Saint-Laurent Boulevard)

Le Belmont has been at the centre of Montréal’s party scene for 20 years. It’s a concert venue, a place to grab a drink, and host to one of the most popular gay nights in the city: Mec Plus Ultra.

5. Cabaret Underworld (1403 Sainte-Élisabeth Street)

Located in the Quartier des Spectacles, Cabaret Underworld is a venue dedicated to underground entertainment like the 420 Show and Gay Bash.

6. Peopl (390 Notre-Dame Street West)

Boutique club Peopl describes itself as the nightlife experience for a mature, discerning clientele of straight and gay/lesbian, 25 to 50 year-olds. The space melds creative design technology, internationally known DJs, and artists.

7. Il Motore (179 Jean Talon Street West)

Il Motore is a bar and performance venue that always has great shows, a welcoming crowd, cheap beer, and an all-around cool vibe.

8. Katacombes (1635 Saint-Laurent Boulevard)

With a dungeonesque decor and skulls on the walls, Katacombs is the place to dress up in your best leather and chains and party until the sun comes up. Check out their Pompe party the third Thursday of every month.

9. Notre Dame des Quilles (32 Beaubien Street East)

A bar with a bowling alley? Yes please! Notre Dame des Quilles is one of those hot spots that never gets old. Definitely a must go.