Montréal Spas and Men


November 29, 2013 — The hockey heroes of the Montréal Canadiens have them, the Alouettes’ football players have them too, as do the agile soccer men of the Montréal Impact. Spa treatments! Montréal is filled with physical well-being experiences tailor-made for the 21st century man.

Amerispa Le Crystal Hôtel & Spa

Whether it's a 30-minute massage before your next meeting or a couples’ treatment for that special occasion, Amerispa has something to satisfy your relaxation and detoxification needs, as well as a manicure and pedicure to knock your gloves and socks off! Go for a swim in the indoor pool, take a dip in the outdoor Jacuzzi, and indulge in panoramic views of downtown Montréal.

Spa Eastman

With treatment package names like "Short Escapes," "Jet Lag," "True Complicity," and "At Your Wits End," Spa Eastman invites men to deep, physically and mentally therapeutic journeys in an atmosphere that is as private as it is serene. Power nap stations, infratherapy, massage, you name it, Spa Eastman eases men into blissful states of body and mind.

L’Aquarium Fish Spa

In a Zen-inspired milieu, the Aquarium Fish Spa offers pedicure and manicures with Garra Rufa fish exfoliating dead skin, a great opportunity to rid yourself of bad vibes and negative energy. Massage therapy is available in 30-, 60-, or 90-minute sessions.

Mann Grooming for Men from Delta Montréal

Aside from some of the more typical spa services, like waxing, facials, and massage, visitors to Mann can get their teeth whitened, their skin spray tanned, and even spend some time at an oxygen bar.

Heading to the spa is sure to enhance both your personal and professional lives. No matter where you choose to take a few hours of well-earned man time, you’ll leave feeling refreshed and recharged, not to mention pretty darn sexy. After all, everyone loves a guy who takes care of himself.