Montréal's great, late-night menus


August 17, 2012 – Where do you want to eat? As the quintessential partier knows, the post-show-pre-club time slot is a key ingredient to any night’s success. In other words, big decisions need to be made on where to fuel yourself beforehand. And finding the best late-night restaurants can mean the difference between having to tuck in early (I’m tired and hungry) or having to be dragged off the dance floor (What? We’re leaving already?).

Here are our suggestions on a few great late-night dining spots that offer delish deals:

L’Assommoir – 112 Bernard Street West and 211 Notre Dame Street West
This trendy restaurant now has two locations: one in the hipster Mile End neighbourhood and one in historic Old Montréal. From Sunday to Thursday, as of 9 p.m., both locations offer a “drink and meal” promotion for the low-low price of $21. You can make your choice among 21 specialties ranging from tapas to tartars and ceviche to grilled dishes. These after-dark delicacies can be consumed with a cocktail (250 kinds, sure to please even the finickiest sipper), wines, beer or port, or a wide range of alcohol-free drinks for teetotallers. The kitchen is open until 1 a.m. Bonus track: live bands and DJs on certain soirs.

Ferreira Café – 1446 Peel Street
Still in the Iberian food theme, Ferreira Café boasts an excellent track record of delivering fresh gourmet food to downtown’s upscale denizens. Monday to Sunday, from 10 p.m. until midnight, this popular Portuguese restaurant offers a “Faim de soirée” menu for $23.85. Some samplers to whet your appetite: fleur de sel roasted sardines, fried corn-crusted squid, grilled salmon with fresh herbs and Portuguese-style organic chicken breast. For foodies, an excellent eatery to enjoy before a serious night of partying.

Chez Alexandre – 1454 Peel Street
Right next door to Ferreira, is Chez Alexandre, a combination chic Parisian brasserie (downstairs) and stylish Brit pub (upstairs) that’s often the hub for Montréal’s glitterati. From 10 p.m. till 2 a.m., you can choose from the fine fare featured on their evening table d’hôte, which includes the house soup or salad and your choice of Angus beef bavette or grilled salmon, plus tea or coffee. This downtown landmark welcomes patrons seven days a week, with palate-pleasing treats ringing in at under $40.

Leméac – 1045 Laurier Avenue West
Over in the tony enclaves of Outremont is Leméac, a fine dining bastion by any restaurant standards. Its Night-Owl Menu is served after 10 p.m., and features a few twists on classic French dishes, such as beef tartar and matchstick potatoes, herb-crusted calf liver with caramelized onion, or warm spinach salad with truffle oil vinaigrette. Soak up the sights of the beautiful and well-heeled in its refined décor, then enjoy the bill when it arrives: for appetizers and main dish, only $25.