Le Velvet


March 8, 2010 – Like theatre curtains, but more somber. Like a juice bar, but stronger.  Like a castle, but more discreet. Le Velvet is bit of all that. Located in Old Montréal, this bar isn’t touristy at all. The atmosphere of this hidden little nocturnal gem is ideal for long and mysterious nights. No worries about the music, as the programme organizers are well-known in Montréal: it’s none other than Brendon Duvall and DL Jones, who fills Friday nights with guests the likes of Shaydakiss, Zubi (of NROTB) and Davidé. Every third Saturday of the month, Mad Maus wreaks havoc in a fascinating night of fashion, art, electronic music and pop culture. You thought that the fun ended on Saturday? Not at all! Pop music, disco and electro underground shakes things up on the second Sunday of the month with Bitch Slap, a sure-hit night-out thanks to Liaisons dangeureuses, a.k.a the dynamic duo of DJ Mini and Mary Hell. A club with all sorts of dark corners to explore or avoid…at your discretion!

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