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© Montreal Fishing Tours - Montreal Fishing Tours
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© Montreal Fishing Tours - Montreal Fishing Tours

July 3, 2014 Fishing is one of the most well-liked forms of recreation on the planet, and thanks to Montréal’s location on an island in the middle of the majestic St. Lawrence River, anyone living in or visiting the city can hang loose in this enjoyable commingling with nature.

Montréal Fishing Tours offers current and aspiring anglers professionally guided tours, running in four or eight hour blocks of time, between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m., from May to October. Departing from the historic Lachine Pier (commonly known as the “34th Avenue Pier”), each expedition is aboard a Princecraft Pro 179 boat equipped with sonar, GPS, a roof in case of rain, and ample seating for four passengers (including a guide).

Offering spectacular vistas of Montréal from a variety of vantage points, the excursion takes participants to the section of the St. Lawrence River that expands to form Lake St. Louis, the habitat of several species. As the tour progresses, the qualified guide demonstrates handy techniques and offers expert knowledge for maximizing the potential for a successful catch.

Fishing in Montréal’s surrounding waters is a relaxing adventure and a great way to appreciate the city from a nautical perspective. Remember to bring a camera to document the beautiful cityscapes. All things considered, you just might want to name your biggest catch of the day, "Montréal"!

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Mr Posted by Richard Matthews  | June 19, 2011
As someone who has fished the area in and around Montreal for more than 20 years I can confirm that Montreal is an amazing fishing destination. Very few cities have fisheries that are as robust and diverse.
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