June 20, 2012 ─ Fans of in-line skating, skateboard, roller basket, roller soccer and BMX, get ready to roll in one of Canada’s largest indoor sports centres. Designed with the security of its participants in mind—whether beginner, intermediate or advanced—Le TAZ, Roulodôme et Skatepark features acrobatic structures, a 200-metre rollerdome, a roller hockey rink, a BMX zone and a mezzanine with “pool” (bowl). In a nutshell, everything to please the young and the young at heart who love fast-paced recreational thrills.

The TAZ features a fusion of genres and an openness to emerging trends. Not only is it a great place for youth to meet and to learn, but the founding principles are based on respect, security, accessibility and the quality of the installations guarantee that everyone enjoys an unforgettable experience.

Open to the public, with an ambiance that rocks to DJ music along with video and multimedia projections, the TAZ is a reflection of today’s youth, working to exceed their expectations while speaking their language.  As well, with a whopping 32,000 sq. ft. to its name, the reputation of this sports centre extends well beyond the city limits. Whether hosting local or international competitions, the TAZ is the ultimate place for sports buffs from around the world to skate, slide, grind and spin.