Treasures of Napoléon


March 28, 2014 — Have you ever entered a crypt before? Bet you haven't entered one full of the art of a famous emperor. Visit Montréal this spring/summer and become one of the select few who get to step inside the Crypt of Notre-Dame Basilica (Espace B). The site is usually closed to the public, but for just a few months, it hosts the Treasures of Napoléon exhibition.


Over 350 art objects (paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, books and decorative art, including furniture, porcelain, gold silver tapestries and jewellery) that had once belonged to the French military and political leader are on display. Not only do they provide us with the opportunity to appreciate how art played a significant role in Napoléon’s life, but they also represent elements of the Empire style that pervaded throughout the period of his reign in the early 19th century.


The exhibition is the largest of its kind ever in North America, and the choice of the Crypt of Notre-Dame Basilica to house the pieces is fitting in that it was built during Napoléon's era!


Put your other plans on stand-by because this show won't be around for centuries.