Parc Exalto

© Groupe Altiplano S.A.S. - Exalto at the Olympic Park© Parc olympique de Montréal - Olympic Park's Tower© Marc Vidal - Olympic Park's Tower
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© Groupe Altiplano S.A.S. - Exalto at the Olympic Park

October 9, 2014 A new outdoor attraction in Montréal will thrill visitors looking for an adrenaline rush: Parc Exalto. Prepare to defy the laws of gravity, the upcoming summer in Montréal is packed with high-flying excitement!

Canada’s very first urban acrobatic park in the heart of Montréal? Absolutely! Starting May 2014, Parc Exalto brings some extreme fun to the Esplanade Financière Sun Life of the Olympic Park. This vast playground features seven attractions that demand dexterity and agility, and three elevated acrobatic routes interspersed with exciting obstacles to get your heart racing.

Budding Tarzans and hardcore adventurers can perfect their aerial prowess fearlessly through a system of continuous lifelines that keep them hooked in at all times. Kids can also reach new heights in a playground specially designed for them, with a junior obstacle course just as exciting.

A day of high-flying fun way up in the air ... It’s intoxicating, but it also whets one’s appetite. Have no fear: Parc Exalto has thought of everything! The site includes two lounge areas and two dining areas where children and adults can recharge and grab a bite to eat.

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Dissapointed Posted by Christina  | August 27, 2014
We as a family of 4 decided to go for a adventure And try the exalto, yesturday when we got there a simple sign and nothing on your website on being closed and onky open on weekends Very dissapointed
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