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Day and night, an impressive expanse of green known as Mount Royal offers kilometre upon kilometre of superb jogging trails.

Beginning at dawn, hikers and sports aficionados flock to the mountain for a dose of fresh, cool air. The mountain is indeed a favourite with the downtown working crowd who love to work out in its natural surroundings at lunch time. Come evening, the belvedere becomes a meeting point for hikers and tourists who gather to watch as the city comes alive with light.

Heading up Peel Street (towards the mountain) from Centre Infotouriste (1255, Peel Street) or from your hotel in the Golden Square Mile—once home to many wealthy establishment families—you are certain to come upon fellow joggers in search of greener surrounds.

Turn left onto Avenue des Pins (Pine Avenue), cross over to the trail leading up the mountain and take a deep breath. Ready for a good climb? Follow directions to the belvedere and chalet. From high up on the mountain, take a moment to catch your breath as you look out over the impressive cityscape.

Then it’s on to Smith House and Mount Royal Cemetery, the latter home to century-old trees and hundreds of species of birds. As you exit the cemetery, double back towards Beaver Lake. This picturesque body of water is ideal for pedal boating in summer and ice skating in winter.

It will then be time to make your way back down through Mount Royal Park, inaugurated in 1876 and built to plans drawn up by Frederick Law Olmsted, designer of New York’s Central Park.


Helpful information:


Itinerary distance: 9.2 km (5.7 miles)


Centre Infotouriste (point of departure): 37 m
Avenue des Pins (km 1): 95 m
Chalet on Mount Royal (km 2,2): 195 m
Entrance to Mount Royal Cemetery (km 3): 188 m
Lac aux Castors (Beaver Lake) (km 6) : 165 m
Back to Centre Infotouriste (km 7 to km 9) : 170 m to 37 m

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