Old Montréal Ghost Walks


Published on August 31, 2009 – They may be far older than the celebrations themselves, but the ghosts of Old Montréal are toasting 10 phantasmal years of haunting the old city’s cobblestone streets.

To mark this milestone, Guidatour has a number of spine-chilling thrills lined up, including some special surprises during the Traditional Ghost Walk on Wednesdays, where participants meet characters from Old Montréal’s murky past in places like Les 3 Brasseurs and the attic of the historic Auberge Pierre du Calvet.

On the Traditional Ghost Walk, from Wednesday to Sunday throughout the summer, a master storyteller regales young and old alike with lore of long ago and unexplained phenomena as they wander the history-rich streets. Wednesday Extras in July and August also feature a few extra scares and surprises as part of this unique package.

Guidatour also offers Ghost Hunts, during which participants hunt for phantoms of past in Old Montréal’s nooks and crannies. The specter-chasing fun—alas!—wraps up with the Halloween Specials on October 29, 30 and 31.

Old Montréal Ghost Tours