May 23, 2013 — Born of a dream to provide a meeting place for artists, Laïka is so much more: restaurant, bar, lounge, Mutek festival site, and springboard for up-and-coming DJs rising to international acclaim. Its menu – both culinary and musical – varies daily; with chefs by day turned DJs by night, this place is a-buzz from dawn to dusk (and then some!), serving up breakfasts, lunches, and tapas to the city’s hottest new sounds.

This bastion of contemporary coolness caters to a select group of trendy, artsy personalities: artists, musicians, designers, filmmakers, style-mongers, etc. In short, the regulars are characters with flair!

This is where the creative come to chill: for coffee, lunch, and weekend brunch. Fashion mavens flock to this unpretentious hotspot for their after-work cocktail(s). Aficionados of house and electronic music know that this is where it’s at…and it’s been this way for over ten years.

Thanks to the resto’s large windows that look out onto the Main (Saint-Laurent Boulevard), there is phenomenal people-watching potential, both inside and out. As unpretentious as this locale may be, it is most definitely a place to see and be seen!