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July 27, 2012 – For athletic travelers, getting to know a new destination doesn’t need to come at the expense of their exercise regimen. In fact, they happily tote running gear when they travel so they can clock a few muscle-toning kilometers while discovering an exciting urban centre.

Tourisme Montréal caters to today’s athletic traveler with tailored-made jogging itineraries that takes them through four of the city’s visit-worthy neighbourhoods. Each itinerary includes a downloadable map, the distance and elevation of various points of the route, links to other jogging circuits and major Montréal running events they might also want to check out. Here are the itineraries:

The Plateau: Jog your way through the city’s lively, boho chic neighbourhood. You just might need to slow down your pace to take it all in.
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Mount Royal: Run up our mighty mountain (it’s fairly steep climb) and gaze down at the cityscape once you reach the summit.
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Old Montréal and Parc Jean-Drapeau: Set foot from the heart of the historic old city and cross over to a gorgeous island park for fresh air and flowers.
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The Olympic Park (Hochelaga-Maisonneuve): Be inspired by the echoes of the athletes and crowds of the 1976 Summer Games reverberating around you!
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From our pedestrian-friendly streets to our verdant parks, Montréal’s teeming with discovery, kilometre after kilometre. So slip into your jogging shoes, set a suitable pace for yourself, and with our handy itineraries to help, you’ve got the city covered.

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