Jogging on Plateau Mont-Royal

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Jogging on Plateau Mont-Royal - Meet the locals

It is one thing to treat yourself to a leisurely stroll along the streets of Plateau Mont-Royal where you will come upon an enticing mélange of sun-drenched terraces, colourful houses and eclectic shops. It is quite another to jog through the area, engage in beneficial physical exercise and get a taste of day-to-day life in an area as charming as it is creative just minutes from the city centre. Whatever your point of departure, Centre Infotouriste (1255, Peel Street) or your hotel foyer, you will delight in this inspiring itinerary which criss-crosses one of the most intriguing neighbourhoods in the country.

Begin with a short jog up Metcalfe Street to Sherbrooke, turning right to access the campus of McGill University. This venerable institution, Montréal’s oldest, today welcomes students from over 160 nations around the globe.

Cut across the campus to Milton Street, continue on to Sainte-Famille Street and then turn right onto Prince Arthur Street. This pedestrian artery bordered by BYOW (bring your own wine) eateries, will lead you to Square Saint Louis where you will want to stop for a few moments to admire the period architecture of the stately homes which look out onto the square.

Proceed through the square to Saint-Denis Street, cross over to Cherrier Street and proceed on to Parc La Fontaine. Take the time to zigzag through the park on the many winding trails. This majestic green space in the heart of the city is a favourite with Plateau residents who come to the park to picnic, enjoy a game of pétanque or sit in the shade of a hazelnut tree.

Leaving the park, head out along Duluth Street, turning right onto Laval and then left onto Marie-Anne. Your eyes will be naturally drawn to the succession of balconies in bloom and spiral staircases typical of the area.

Continue on to Parc Jeanne‑Mance, an oasis of green and ever popular soccer venue with the city’s cultural communities. On Sunday afternoons in summer, the nearby slopes of Mount Royal will likely resonate to the beat of the tamtam drums of peace. Heading south (or left) back towards the city centre, you will cross Hutchison Street which will take you down to Sherbrooke. From there, you will easily find your way back to your hotel.

Helpful information

Itinerary distance:  9.6 km (6 miles)


Centre Infotouriste (point of departure): 37 m
Milton Street (km 1): 47 m
Parc La Fontaine (km 3 to km 5): 42 m to 45 m
Parc Jeanne-Mance (km 7): 68 m to 72 m
Back to Centre Infotouriste (km 7 to km 9): 72 m to 37 m

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Where is this? Posted by Emme  | April 9, 2014
Can anyone tell me where those beautiful homes are? Like the street??
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