June 26, 2012 – The people at Kayak Sans Frontière (KSF) in LaSalle go wild over waves. And not the big, honking Hawaii 5-0 shore pounders. In fact, as KSF ably demonstrates, even relaxed waters prove to be hours of fun for those who like to hang out on the water.
KSF’s specialty is teaching people how to Stand Up Paddle (SUP). It’s a mix of canoeing and surfing, where surfers take to the waves with an oversized surfboard and a kayak-style paddle. Lessons start in a secure water basin, where first you learn to belly paddle, then stand up, then steer with a paddle.
Once you’ve got that under your belt, you’re off to try the calmer sections of the St. Lawrence River. And once you’ve mastered that, you can try KSF’s discovery tours of some really scenic waters and shores, including the Îles de Boucherville and the slower moving section of the Lachine Rapids.
Looking for a bigger challenge? KSF can suit you up for Big Joe, the world’s tallest standing wave, on the Lachine rapids.
KSF offers kayaking and river surfing lessons too. Once you get a taste of the fun, they say there’s no turning back!