Molson Coors Olympic projection


February 15, 2010 – The next time you’re near the corner of Notre-Dame Street East and Papineau Avenue in the Village, be sure to look for the spectacular images spiraling across the Molson Coors brewery.

To celebrate the athletes competing in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games this winter, the façade of this historic building has been illuminated by a 40-meter-high video depicting various icons of the Montréal landscape, images of athletes as well as scenes of winter sports. The 2-minute-long continuous loop projection runs from sundown to sunrise, until the month of March, and includes a giant digital clock counting down the number of days until the much-anticipated Vancouver games start.

In addition to adding a dash of panache to the neighbourhood, the projection is a fitting tribute to the talent, hard work and devotion of winter athletes across the globe, and a friendly nod to our sister city on the West Coast.