Indiana Jones at the Montréal Science Centre


April 28, 2011 – Inspired by the film franchise that bears its name, Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology (April 28 to September 18, 2011) is an interactive exhibition that takes visitors deep into the world of field archaeology, with its lost cities, ancient burial grounds and sacred relics. Infused with the sense of wonder, adventure and light humour that have been trademarks of the Indiana Jones name for close to 30 years, it is both educational and inspirational. The exhibition sheds light on the historical origins of Indy’s adventures, unearthing connections between his fictional world and the science of archaeology—whether in the discovery of hidden treasures or the interpretation of ancient artefacts.

The search for the Lost Ark
Containing genuine archaeological treasures as well as articles, photos and videos from the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, the National Geographic Society and the City of Montréal’s archaeology collection, the exhibition allows visitors to set their eyes on some of the world’s most impressive material remains and cultural artefacts from ancient societies. Fans of the world’s most famous fictional archaeologist will also delight in seeing a collection of models, props and set designs from the Indiana Jones franchise, all courtesy of Lucasfilm.

Multimedia adventure
Hosted by the Montréal Science Centre, this first-of-its-kind touring exhibition covers 1,000 square metres and features leading-edge technology that transforms the experience into a multimedia adventure. Guests are given an intelligent hand-held multimedia companion that is loaded with educational content to guide them along the “Indy Trail,” where they learn about the facts behind the famous movies, and through the exhibition’s various “Archaeological Zones,” which establish connections between the films and the artefacts.

A world premiere
Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology is presented by the National Geographic Society, produced by Montréal’s own X3 Productions, and made possible by Lucasfilm Ltd. A world premiere, it will tour museums across Canada, Europe and Asia after making its debut in Montréal. Both innovative and imaginative, it is sure to please families, delight long-time Indy fans and enchant anyone with an interest in unearthing ancient artefacts and tracking lost treasures.