Go Bike Montréal Festival

© Gaétan Fontaine - Festival Go Vélo MTL© Maxime Juneau - Festival Go Vélo MTL© Gaétan Fontaine - Festival Go Vélo MTL
© Gaétan Fontaine - Festival Go Vélo MTL© Gaétan Fontaine - Festival Go Vélo MTL© Gaétan Fontaine - Festival Go Vélo MTL
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© Gaétan Fontaine - Festival Go Vélo MTL

March 7, 2014 — This year, to better reflect the popularity of biking and the mobilizing role of its unique North American festival, Vélo Québec is renaming the Montréal Bike Fest the Go Bike Montréal Festival.

For a recreational outing or an athletic challenge, there is a Tour de l’Île for everyone:

50 or 25 km

Classic version: 50 km of car-free streets, ideal opportunity to see and experience Montréal in a different way. The same pleasure is possible over a shorter distance, via the 25 km route.

50 km Express

Accelerated version where, first to leave, cyclists travel at 30 km/h for 1½ hours on closed-off downtown streets route of the Tour de l'Île de Montréal.

100-130 km Découverte NEW

Original version, to underline the 30th edition, where cyclists literally bike around Montréal Island, or 130 km, with the possibility of shortening the route to 100 km. Morning departure on marked-off route open to motorists.  Capacity doubled in 2014, or 3,000 places.

100 km Express Vélo Mag

Experience unique to Montréal for seasoned touring cyclists, who ride under police escort in a peloton, at an average speed of 30 km/hour. Places limited to 200.

Tour la Nuit, Friday, May 30

Whether you are participating for the first or the umpteenth time, it’s always a revelation! You experience the beauty and energy of nocturnal Montréal at its best. Costumed cyclists on colourful bikes pedal 20 kilometres of city streets in the warm June air.

This large biking celebration is also celestial. The ambient light is beautiful against the blue and black of the twilight sky, creating a cool and luminous ambiance. And the smiling faces of the 17,000 participants are also a divine sight.

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