Festival TransAmériques


March 8, 2012 – With seminal oeuvres, hybrid experiences, shocking shows, decompartmentalized dance, and mutant theatre, the Festival TransAmériques (FTA) goes places that only the original inhabit, sites where the unexpected is pursued, from both near and far.

Out of today’s crop of ideas, the FTA is fashioning a rich cultural mosaic that exposes contemporary creation in all its vitality. With the usual power and splendour, the sixth edition, which runs from May 24 to June 9, showcases 27 local and international works as well as a fascinating range of workshops, roundtable discussions, celebrations, and meeting opportunities between artists and audiences for a truly eclectic and transcendent experience.

Listed below are five important shows premiering at the event.

The FTA has the great privilege of welcoming two pieces by the brilliant Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, an artist at the peak of a 30-year career, and her distinguished company, Rosas. Cesena, created in conjunction with the composer Björn Schmelzer and his choral group graindelavoix, charms with the power of song and dance merged with the exquisite music of Medieval ars subtilior. This 14th century style is also expressed in the second piece of the Rosas diptych, En attendant, in which dancers incarnate the lament of an ancient ballad.

Renowned for his iconoclastic, radical plays, Italian director Romeo Castellucci presents the North American première of a poignant study on filial affection. Sur le concept du visage du fils de Dieu is an ode to compassion that will leave no one untouched.

Olivier Choinière, an innovative, leading figure in Québec theatre, is back with a musical comedy featuring 50 performers in a utopic fable that transforms into a nightmarish tale. Chante avec moi comprises an infectious, communal leitmotif and has recently received a Prix de la critique award.

Also, the spirited Québec choreographer Danièle Desnoyers will be offering FTA audiences a new piece entitled, Sous la peau, la nuit, the setting of which is a highly charged world where people approach each other, either to make love or to tear one and all to pieces, in a playful, invigorating, sensual, and emotionally intense work.