Festival TransAmériques

© Valentina Bianchi - Festival TransAmérique© Kristien Verhoeyen - Festival TransAmérique© Anne Guillaume - Festival TransAmérique
© Herman Sorgeloos - Festival TransAmériques© Amo Declair - Festival TransAmériques / Un ennemi du peuple - thomas Ostermeier (cie: La Schaubühn
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© Valentina Bianchi - Festival TransAmérique

January 31, 2014 – Targeting both those exploring the performing arts for the first time as much as dance and theatre buffs, the Festival TransAmériques, FTA for short, presents the best of contemporary creativity. It takes over numerous venues throughout the city in late May and early June every year, showcasing the talent of home-grown and visiting artists alike.

The FTA’s uniqueness is its eclectic nature, the great variety of art styles and sensibilities featured. Co-executive director and artistic director Marie-Hélène Falcon and her team work hard to put together an enchanting program of rich and complex works to leave viewers transported and thoughtful.

The festival generally features no fewer than thirty shows each year. The audiences are diverse as well: students, young adults eager for new experiences, and others who may prefer the more accessible (but still exciting) performances.

There’s much more as well. The FTA encourages stimulating discussion with its audiences with workshops, debates, and round tables. The Cinémathèque québécoise also presents films on the dramatists and troupes at the festival, telling us more about their fascinating artistic worlds.

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