Quincaillerie Dante


Just when you think you’ve got Montréal’s quirkiness figured out, you turn the corner and happen upon Quincaillerie Dante, a cute little corner store that stocks everything from skillets to sandpaper to shotguns (no kidding!).

For over 60 years, this kitchen boutique-cum-hardware store has consistently featured an intriguing jumble of wares both quality and affordable. Quincallerie Dante has become a bastion of Montréal’s Little Italy neighborhood not only because of its bounty of top-notch items, but also because of the owners’ unpretentious and helpful attitude.

They like people: so much so, they now even offer cooking classes during which they share time-honoured secrets of Italian kitchens. Whether you’re a cook, a fix-it-upper or an outdoorsy type, this great little store is sure to become a favourite.

Quincallerie Dante