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7655 Décarie Blvd. Montréal, Québec
H4P 2H2
METRO: Namur
Telephone: 514 731-7701Toll-free:1 800 361-5419
Fax: 514 731-7158
E-mail: info@hotelrubyfoos.com
URL: www.hotelrubyfoos.com
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Hôtel Ruby Foo's is a 4-star complex offering 198 tastefully decorated rooms. The hotel features two restaurants, a bar/lounge, a barber, a spa and a beauty salon. Guests enjoy free parking, wireless Internet, 24/7 access to a fitness centre, a heated outdoor pool (during the summer), and much more. The hotel is ideally situated mid-way between downtown Montréal and the airport, and just one block from a subway station. For the 7th consecutive year, Hôtel Ruby Foo's is the proud recipient of the Consumer Choice award in the Independent Hotel category.

Total units: 198


  • Number of rooms : 184
  • free parking
  • parking for buses
  • internet (included)
  • Wi-Fi in the room
  • restaurant on site
  • bar
© Hôtel Ruby Foo's - Hôtel Ruby Foo's
© Hôtel Ruby Foo's - Hôtel Ruby Foo's