A career... “à la Montréal”


Tourisme Montréal firmly believes in its employees and has built an excellent reputation with the Montréal business community, as well as with its North American and foreign leisure and business clienteles.

Our values and standards:
  • Skills. The fierce competition in our industry consistently drives us to prove our expertise in the field in order to set Montréal apart from other destinations. As a result, all of our employees are encouraged to acquire new skills, and managing our talent pool is one of our core priorities as an organization.
  • Excellence. The feedback we collect from our members, partners and clients reflects our ongoing efforts to ensure the success of our endeavours.
  • Rigour and efficiency. The sound management of our budgets, projects and activities contributes to our reputation for excellence. Tourisme Montréal was the first-ever Canadian CVB to be awarded Destination Marketing Association International certification, which distinguishes us from other destinations.
  • Teamwork. In order to ensure top-notch customer service, collaboration between departments—as well as teamwork, flexibility and diplomacy—are actively encouraged. In fact, an Intranet was implemented to facilitate communications between departments and work teams.
  • Remuneration. Our global remuneration system offers competitive salaries (based on salary scales), a range of benefits and great work conditions. Our organization firmly adheres to all equal employment policies, including pay equity.
  • Community involvement. Tourisme Montréal supports Centraide/The United Way, which helps a wide range of charitable organizations.

    Tourisme Montréal is environmentally-conscious and has recently adopted a more sustainable business model by developing a Guide to the Green Office, as well as introducing significant measures to recycle material and equipment and reduce office waste. As part of our leadership role, we have also founded a Green Committee in the Montréal tourist industry.