An endless urban festival

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What do Montrealers do all summer? They celebrate, with energy and with passion. In fact, festive living is a year-round thing: Montrealers love it when company comes calling and adore sharing their city with visitors.

And the City of Festivals is the perfect place to share great experiences: music, comedy, film, fashion and sports all take centre stage. From near and far, people come  to sample our famous joie de vivre, safely meandering to their hearts’ content on car-free sites and streets.

To really get into the festival spirit, here are a few ideas that you can adapt to the time of year or length of your stay to live a festive 24 hours…à la Montréal.

In the afternoon

-       Explore the festival grounds as you stroll from stage to stage;

-       Relax in the shade or bask in the sun on the grass, on a terrace or by a soothing fountain and soak up the festive atmosphere.

In the evening:

-       Dance the night away with fun-loving crowds on streets downtown; 

-       Take in a show, a film, an exhibition or a performance in an indoor venue or under open skies;

-       Chill in the cool ambiance of a bar or club.


Festival International de Jazz (end of June – early July)

-       11 days, from noon to midnight;

-       more that 370 free outdoor shows;

-       musical discoveries of every imaginable style;

-       rich and varied indoor program.

L'International des Feux Loto-Québec (June and July, twice a week)

-       international contest of pyrotechnic art presented at La Ronde;

-       top pyrotechnic masters from nine countries light up the night skies;

-       free to enjoy from a terrace or a bridge; paid seating front-row at La Ronde.

Just For Laughs Festival (mid-July)

-       the largest comedy festival in the world; 1,600 international artists keep audiences in stitches;

-       1,200 free outdoor performances;

-       galas, street performers, theatrical productions and stand-up shows in indoor venues and in the streets.

Les FrancoFolies de Montréal (end of July – early August)

-       a giant celebration of French-language song: performances by almost a thousand artists from a dozen countries;

-       indoor performances and free shows on outdoor stages.

Divers/Cité Festival (early August)

-       seven days of non-stop LGBT pride celebrations;

-       indoor parties and outdoor shows —and everyone’s invited!

Montréal World Film Festival (end of August to early September)

-       prestigious festival that opens a world of cinematographic styles to the public;

-       films from 70 countries showcasing the works of veteran filmmakers and new talent;

-       plus: outdoor screenings and shows.


-       massive urban winter celebration;

-       three festivals in one: gastronomy, performing arts and the celebration of light;

-       conferences, workshops, tastings, shows, fireworks and more;

-       don’t miss: the Montréal All-Nighter (museums open all night plus a multitude of nocturnal activities throughout the city) and the Montréal Downtown & Underground Event (a race through the city’s subterra